Is Elementary on tonight? CBS alters Madam Secretary, mystery show

Madam SecretaryThe good news for fans of CBS sports is that you saw a heck of a great Masters this year. However, the bad news is that this is coming at the expense of almost everything else on the schedule for the night.

Tonight, the new episode of Madam Secretary is not going to be airing until around 10:00 p.m. Eastern time. (On the West Coast, its normal start time should remain unchanged.) Meanwhile, Elementary is being preempted altogether in the East Coast / Central markets.

One of the unfortunate things is that at present, we cannot tell you for certain whether or not this Elementary episode will ever air on the East / Central markets. The episode is still planning to come on the air for the West Coast market, so one of the things that you have to hope for is that CBS burns it off by airing the episode potentially on a Saturday or some other repeat spot down the road.

For now, the network seems to be promoting that viewers watch the episode on CBS All Access, where it be streaming in the immediate aftermath of Madam Secretary coming on the air. We understand the network’s interest in getting people over to their streaming platform, but we’re not sure telling people that they can watch a show there that they are used to being able to watch for free … or at least courtesy of paying for a cable subscription. This is a major bummer for people who love that show.

Even for Madam Secretary, you are still speaking here about a show that is beloved by many people, but unfortunately, not all of these people are going to be able to watch the show live now thanks to the simple fact that it’s on later in the night. Curse you, sports! Unfortunately, things aren’t going to be changing anytime soon given that sports are such a goldmine to the major networks. They make so much money that catering to a low-rated show like Elementary is not at the top of their priority list.

For the record, we still hate the decision to push the show off the air entirely.

Be sure to share what you think about Elementary getting shifted off the air in the comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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