Is The Walking Dead on tonight? On season 7, season 8, and future on AMC

Is The Walking Dead on tonightIs The Walking Dead on tonight? Given the way that the episode ended on AMC last week, it’s fair to want and expect a little bit more of the zombie franchise.

Unfortunately, for the time being it doesn’t quite seem as though the network is getting ready to throw more zombies on the air anytime soon. The Walking Dead is not on tonight, as last week’s episode was the finale. There will be some new episodes of Fear the Walking Dead coming up this summer, but the flagship show is not going be airing again until you roll around to October.

As a matter of fact, The Walking Dead season 8 has yet to even get deep into filming! This is something that is going to happen over the coming months, so this is something that you can look forward to checking out. There are a wide array of different directions that we could see the series go, especially when you think in terms of interesting battle scenes that the producers could orchestrate.

The last that we saw, Rick and the group had one of their first real victories in the battle against Negan, as we saw them temporarily send off the Saviors after a fight at Alexandria. While Sasha did die en route to being at the town, her coming out of the coffin as a walker was one of the coolest moments of the entire episode, and one of two different turning points in the battle. In addition to this moment, you also had the arrival of Shiva and The Kingdom to the town, which was absolutely awesome in its own right.

Do you think that Negan is going to take all of this sitting down? Hardly. He will be thinking of his next move, but the same can be said for Rick and company. The first episodes of this season are likely going to be just as epic as anything that we saw in the finale, given that they should allow for some opportunities to see everyone fight it out before we start to survey the field once more.

Oh, and it certainly would not surprise us to get a little bit of Negan backstory in here, as well. That is something that we describe a little further over at the link here as something we imagine we could see, and something that we’d admittedly want to see since we know it exists in the comics. (Photo: AMC.)

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