Home Fires season 2 episode 2 sneak peek (PBS): Sounding the alarms

Home FiresThere are some times in watching Home Fires that you may start to temporarily forget about the specter of war, with the operative word there being “temporarily.” It’s a major credit to the way in which the series excels at giving you fascinating, engrossing character stories. You want to get caught up in their lives and what’s transpiring with them that you start to forget about the Battle of Britain or the major fear that pervaded these peoples’ lives.

The sneak peek below for Sunday night’s season 2 episode 2 does give you a little bit more of a sense as to how quickly everything can stop. The sound of sirens blares through the village, which causes everyone to go into action and hide in some various places for things to clear. For the most part, the characters are willing to flee with one big exception: Frances. She makes it very clear why she is not planning to go anywhere.

In general, you can anticipate Sunday’s episode being a huge one for the Frances character, as she is due to to be surprised by a shocking revelation pertaining to Peter. Let’s just say that the war is not the only thing that some of these characters have to worry about.

Beyond this, one of the other big stories that you should anticipate in this episode is the blossoming relationship between Pat and Marek, otherwise known as the man now in her life who treats her how she deserves to be treated. We’ve already seen with Bob that he is a most awful man, and his looming presence could eventually be a cause of great fear.

Ultimately, Home Fires is a series that does generate a great deal of fear and worry among many of its characters. It pulls you in and gets you invested in some of their stories, and as a result of that, you do find yourself wanting to root for them to be able to make it out of some of their difficult situations in one piece. We don’t want to give too much away, but with such a limited number of episodes to go, every single story will matter.

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Rest assured, you can come back a little bit later tonight for a preview for what will be coming your way on season 2 episode 3. (Photo: PBS.)

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