Power season 4 spoilers: Lela Loren’s epic tease

Lela LorenTrying to get Power season 4 spoilers at the moment is not an easy task, and there are a number of different reasons for that. We’re still months away from the premiere, for one, and the production of this show tends to be one that is rather secretive in its own right.

With that, we’re going to be happy to get any sort of scoop that we can … and that brings us to none other than Angela herself in Lela Loren. While at the premiere event for The White Princess, the actress stated the following in terms of what’s coming to the show’s official Twitter account — she doesn’t offer specifics, but this does give you a pretty awesome general tease of what the Starz series is planning to unleash on the world. If this doesn’t get you excited, what will?

“You’re going to think Power is that dog you know so well, but it’s going to turn around and bite you in the face.”

Circumventing expectations. That’s one of the things that any great drama does, and it goes without saying that Power is a great drama. It finds a way to continually surprise you, and it does that thanks to the writing and the progression. All of its surprises make sense because of the groundwork that’s been laid, and that is what makes it so unique and special from the remainder of the shows that are out there. If we continue to get that from the show, we figure that we’re going to be absolutely pleased with the end result.

Just in looking back at season 3, we had one of the greatest examples of circumventing expectations possible. Did you ever imagine for a minute that we were going to get an instance of Angela arresting Ghost on the show? At the start of the season, that was hard to fathom, but after she got close to Greg and then later found him dead, there was enough creative groundwork out there for you to look at that and see “yeah, that does make a little bit of sense.” It’s devastating, but this moment will create all sorts of new surprises and emotional stories this summer. We’re assuming that Ghost won’t be in jail forever, so there is a chance for further surprises ahead.

If you do want some further news right now regarding Power season 4, including castings and premiere-date speculate, we’ve got it for over at the link here! (Photo: Starz.)

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