Grey’s Anatomy season 13 episode 19 review: Maggie’s grief; Riggs’ hope

Grey's Anatomy season 13 episode 19 reviewLast week on Grey’s Anatomy season 13, we had the most devastating episode for Maggie to date. She ended up losing her mother, and for much of Thursday’s episode, found herself in a position of recovery, trying to pick up the pieces from what happened and move forward.

Was she able to do that? Well, there were some serious moments where we started to worry, especially when she started to take on a surgery job that was immense, and only a short amount of time after losing her mother. While it seemed like was about to freeze and panic in the midst of the operation, she settled in and came up with a way for the extremely young patient’s heart to start beating again.

Unfortunately, being functional in the heat of the moment doesn’t mean that you are emotionally healed. We saw that as the episode moved forward, and she continued to break down and wonder when she is going to be able to get over what happened.

What this episode did that was beautiful was show that grieving is a complicated process, and you can’t just wake up one morning and be better. Maybe you will be okay in one moment, and then completely devastated the rest.

Arizona opens up … to Riggs?

This is one of the funnier stories of the season, mostly because Riggs clearly wasn’t looking for a new friend, but he got one when Arizona started talking about her relationship with Minnick. He didn’t want to hear about it, and yet he was in a position where he was told … CONSTANTLY. Eventually, he relented and started to tell her a thing or two about her who he was hoping to date. It didn’t take too long after that Arizona to guess it was Meredith.

Here was the problem — when Riggs stopped by to see Meredith, she was too busy helping to get Maggie in a better place that she wasn’t able to go. Specifically, she led her sisters in a dance party that we’re pretty sure is going to be made into millions of gifs all over the world.

Other assorted highlights

One of the other big plotlines this week revolved around Edwards trying to treat a patient with a certain personal connection, one in which she believed was hypochondria until she started to check off various options. Meanwhile, Richard and Bailey continued to work through many of their issues, and Owen worked to treat some old friends at the hospital who were certainly pushing when it comes to his personal life.

As a whole

This wasn’t the episode that was anywhere near as powerful as the one we had last week, but there was still a good bit to be said in here about grief and longing. Maggie ended up finding a way to get closure, and she had everyone from Meredith and Jackson to thank for that. Are the producers starting to make Maggie and Jackson a thing? We’re not sure that Jackson needed another romance, so we’re hoping here for friendship / big brother bond more than anything.

In the end, a good episode. This was one that made us smile and got us choked up in equal measure. Grade: B.

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