Chicago PD season 4 episode 19 review: Justice for Kim Burgess’ sister

Chicago PD season 4 episode 19 reviewThis Chicago PD season 4 episode 19 review is about a number of different things, but at the center of them is one Kim Burgess. During “Last Minute Resistance,” we saw the character (played wonderfully by Marina Squerciati) at the center of one of the most powerful cases of the season. It was heartbreaking, and it absolutely challenged her in ways that few other cases have.

Specifically, the story for Burgess began whens he woke up one morning, only to realize that her sister Nicole was nowhere to be seen. It wasn’t like her to be out all night, so in combing through evidence and hunting her down, she eventually discovered her body abandoned in a Chicago subway station. She was alive, but she was bleeding and it was clear she had been horrifically raped. What followed was one of the most personal missions of Kim to date in determining what happened, and stopping the people responsible for good.

The case ended up leading Voight and Intelligence to a “dating coach” who was really teaching his students the most terribly ways to interact with women; two of his “pupils” were at the center of scheme in the episode. They would bring women back to their place, encourage them to drink and party, and then have their way with them. What they did with Nicole and her friend was with zero regard to their own safety; the fact that her friend’s body was found dead outside, practically frozen, is a testament to how little they cared about their victims after the fact.

In order to properly stop the guys, it took an undercover stint. We saw great performances from both Squerciati and Sophia Bush here as Burgess and Lindsay took on party-girl personas in order to make sure that they could get into the position to get these two guys in handcuffs. While they succeeded, there was a dangerous situation for Burgess in particular before reinforcements were called in to have the two guys arrested.

Burgess makes a decision

At the end of the episode, Kim made the decision to take some time off from Intelligence in order to help her sister recover. In reality, this was a move prompted by the real-life pregnancy of Squerciati — this is the last episode for her this season. Nonetheless, this was a smart move on her part in order to further ensure that her sister received all of the love and care that she needed during what had to be a rather challenging, difficult time for her. She’s always been someone to care for other people, and this proved it further.

Overall, “Last Minute Resistance” was one of the best episodes of the season, anchored by great performances and a story that continues to bring life real issues happening to women across the country, let alone in the city. Grade: A-.

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