The Flash return date: Looking into season 3 episode 19

The Flash return dateIs The Flash new tonight on The CW? It’s a fair question, and one that you could be wondering after getting a chance to see so many new episodes in a row! We’ve had a nice run as of late, including the recent “Duet” and “Abra Kadabra,” but that run is coming to an end now.

Unfortunately, there is no new episode tonight on the network, with the simple reason for it being that we’re in that little period (it happens every season) where The CW takes off some of the month of April for many of its biggest hits. They want to ensure that there are some more stories to air down the road, and in the event of The Flash, season 3 episode 19 entitled “The Once and Future Flash” is going to kick off that final arc of stories on Tuesday, April 25. There will be several episodes that air after that in consecutive weeks, leading up to the big finale in May.

So what can you expect when “The Once and Future Flash” airs? One of the biggest things is that there will be an opportunity to experience fully what future Barry Allen is like in several years, how he seems to have borrowed Oliver Queen’s hair from the flashbacks (see the promo below), and how much some of his battles have changed him.

Also, this could mark an opportunity to start to learn a little bit more about Savitar, including the potential identity of the villain. Barry still doesn’t know a way to beat him; the only thing that he knows for the time being is that the God of Speed has the capacity to destroy everyone in his life. To date, he’s really just toying with everyone as he slowly watches his plan unravel.

Beyond this episode, the majority of the season is still heavily under wraps, but you have to think that Killer Frost has a big role to play in everything now that she’s seemingly fully turned. This is going to be a very hard adversary for the STAR Labs team to stop, given that she’s also someone they love deeply.

Upon arriving at The Flash return date, what do you want to see the rest of the season? Share below!

Meanwhile, head over here to score some additional news right away regarding the series and some of what could be coming up soon. (Photo: The CW.)

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