Legends of Tomorrow season 3 premiere date: The CW speculation

Legends of Tomorrow season 3 premiere dateCurious to know the Legends of Tomorrow season 3 premiere date leading into tonight’s finale? Trust us when we say we’re there with you.

Unfortunately, there is still no precise word as to when this said premiere date is going to be beyond the fact that there will in fact be a third season. The show starring Caity Lotz and Brandon Routh was officially confirmed for more episodes earlier this season, though The CW hasn’t released the precise episode count to date. Legends of Tomorrow was the lowest-rated of the four superhero shows this year, but we’d say that it got more and more fun as it went along and may have actually been the second-best one behind Arrow over the past few weeks.

Now, the hiatus begins, and if we were to fathom a guess on the Legends of Tomorrow season 3 premiere date now, we’d say the second or third week of October. This is when The CW often chooses to kick off their TV series, as there is little incentive for them to do anything before this. They like to start their series off a little bit later in order to ensure that they don’t compete against premieres elsewhere, and it also means fewer hiatuses during the seasons themselves.

While there is a part of us (the greedy part) that would like to see Legends of Tomorrow ordered for 22 episodes moving forward, we think that the 13-16 episode model probably works best. One thing that we would like to see more of is an individual spotlight model similar to a Lost or a Once Upon a Time where we spend more of one episode within the world of one character, that way we see things more from their perspective and their point of view. There are often a few characters on this show that are disposable, and we feel like this is probably a reason why.

Based on what we’ve heard so far, tonight’s season 2 finale will likely lose a few characters. Not only that, but it’s pretty likely that there’s going to be some new cast members to go along with it. This is a show that likes to shake things up, and we’re probably going to continue to see that.

When do you want to see Legends of Tomorrow season 3 premiere? Be sure to share some of your thoughts on the subject in the comments! (Photo: The CW.)

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