Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Latest main piece


It was two weeks ago that the last new episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver aired, and over the course of that particular installment, we had a chance to meet some Bolivian zebras who proved themselves invaluable when helping to stop crimes and accidents in the country.

How do you follow that up? Well, there was certainly a lot of information / ammo from the past two weeks’ worth of headlines. We could’ve talked a little bit further about Donald Trump and Russia, the ongoing healthcare debate, diplomacy with North Korea, or the ongoing battle to fill a vacant seat on the Supreme Court.

In the end, though, what we ended up seeing the show focus on tonight was on a very particular, difficult drug.

In some ways, it’s almost vintage Last Week Tonight for John Oliver to focus on an issue that only a small percentage of the country is currently thinking about — with that small percentage here likely being people who choose to use and smoke the drug. It’s a hot topic in some states, it’s legal in others, and there are a few where it’s almost completely off the map. This also was a pretty unbiased viewpoint that the show chose to approach the subject matter — you would think on the surface that the show’s political viewpoint would lead to us getting a very pro-pot segment, but there were arguments on all sides.

Also, there was humor — a good bit of it. This is not exactly a hard subject to make funny, so for Oliver and the majority of his writers, we figure that this was probably a field day for them.

One of the interesting questions that we wonder is this: Was this one of the first episodes since the election to barely focus on Trump at all? This was a funny segment, but still surprise … and it probably also gave plenty of people something to discuss. Also, we know that the internet probably liked the Hank Green sighting in the end.

If you’re looking for the video, rest assured that HBO is probably going to put that online at some point overnight. It’ll probably be around for you to check out in the morning.

What was your take on tonight’s episode of Last Week Tonight? Do you wish there was more focus on the Trump administration? Be sure to share some of your thoughts on the subject below! (Photo: HBO.)

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