Finale Forecast: What Blue Bloods season 7 should offer Jamie, Eddie, Frank

Blue Bloods season 7 Finale ForecastHow will Blue Bloods season 7 come to a close? It’s a good question, since there are only a few threads that have stretched themselves over the course of the season. This isn’t a series that tends to be very serialized, and it’s a purposeful move that works for it — they know that they’re airing on Friday nights, and that viewers aren’t going to be around to watch every single episode of the show live.

With that, our Blue Bloods season 7 Finale Forecast (a part of our ongoing Finale Forecast series) is going to look specifically at what the show could do within a single episode to offer up closure for its main characters and set the stage for a potential season 8 of the show.

Danny Reagan – This is easy — tell an epic story of a murder case / trial that forces him on the stand, and continues to have him combing the streets for evidence and information. This is a show that does often play on public reactions and sentiments, and that’s something that the writers could take advantage of. Have Danny be under a huge spotlights thanks to the nature of this case.

Erin Reagan – Meanwhile, as Erin works to help prosecute, she finds herself the center of scrutiny. We also would love to see what happened if she were to become some sort of local celebrity and was courted by various TV networks to become a legal correspondent over a prosecutor. Would she take the bait?

Jamie Reagan – This is simple — have him become an item with Eddie again! This is the most serialized story that Blue Bloods as a series has, and there could be some great fun that comes from the two dating. It’d certainly be a refreshing change for a show that often does the same thing every week.

Frank Reagan – Meanwhile, we’d like to see Frank in a position where he’s in a little bit of danger, and has to rely on some of his old skills to keep him and those around him safe. One of the things so indicative of this series is just how insulated he often tends to be thanks to his position as his security detail.

How do you want to see Blue Bloods season 7 conclude for many of the show’s main characters? Be sure to share below!

Meanwhile, be sure to check out some further news on the next new episode of Blue Bloods season 7. (Photo: CBS.)

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