Outlander season 3 notes: A Black Sails tribute; a rugby trip

rugby tripIn today’s Outlander season 3 notes, we’re going to start off by actually honoring another show in Black Sails — one that is getting a lot of love from across the Starz community. It’s a show that really helped to usher in what is the network’s current era of programming — strong, character-based stories that often throw you into other time periods and other worlds. It’s been action-packed, dramatic, and it’s winding down tonight.

(Side note: We’ll have our take on the Black Sails series finale online after the episode airs over here.)

You can see below a post on Twitter from executive producer Maril Davis paying tribute to the series, which seems right given the connection that now exists and binds the two shows together. Remember for a minute now here that Outlander is filming right now in South Africa, which is the same place that the pirate drama filmed for many seasons. The shows are sharing many crew members, and even some of the same ships that are modified to suit the two shows separately. They have great kinship even beyond the fact that they air on the same network.

Ultimately, here’s a toast to Black Sails for a great run — we’re thrilled that Outlander will be lasting at least as long as it did, and hopefully even longer. It’d be a great asset to the show in order to get a season 5 renewal early in advance, but there’ll be a chance to discuss that further a little bit down the line.

Sam Heughan – Caitriona Balfe sighting – We wondered just how much the two were going to have opportunities to actually get out and enjoy themselves while in South Africa, and you can see the photo below from Twitter as a little bit of evidence that the two parties have! They were able to attend a local rugby match, which we figure had to be quite a thrill! Also, it had to be a nice little break from filming. Being from the UK obviously both actors are more than familiar with the sport, and apparently they do have a little bit of time off here and there during production.

Sam and Cait will be in South Africa for around two more months, so that offers them up some chances to take in a few more sights along the way.

For some further news and updates regarding Outlander, including our own April Fools’ joke from yesterday (let’s just say that it revolves around a musical), be sure to head over to the link here! (Photo: Starz.)

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