Finale Forecast: Should Supergirl season 2 introduce new villain?

Finale ForecastWelcome to April! We’re not announcing that as a way to lead into some sort of April Fools’ joke. Instead, it’s a way to kick off our Finale Forecast article series. The focus throughout the month is to look at shows that we love, and then try and figure out precisely how they should end … and whether or not they actually will go in that direction.

In Supergirl, we’ve got a show with a number of different possibilities. It’s also a very polarizing show at the moment. It does some things really well, in between its sense of humor and strong performances from Melissa Benoist, Chyler Leigh, and Jeremy Jordan in particular. Yet, it does focus a little too much on romance and not enough on action; the same can be said for its complete abandonment of the James Olsen character as of late. It’s a good thing that he has a new episode coming, since we’d otherwise forget that he is even on the show.

So … what should happen? – The big thing that the finale ends is a coming-to-terms moment with the relationships. Either Kara and Mon-El stay together, or they don’t. Same with Winn and Lyra. We’re assuming that Maggie and Alex aren’t going anywhere just because the love that these two characters have among fans is almost universally positive. We just think that romantic subplots need to take up about 10-15% less of the season 3 story, and should be resolved here.

Meanwhile, we’d like to see the introduction to a potential season 3 villain at the end of season 2 as a way to mix things up further. Take care of business with Teri Hatcher’s Rhea if she’s meant to only last until May, and then offer us an opportunity to see someone new. We’d say that it needs to be someone who can hinder Supergirl and damage her powers longer than an episode or two. Having it be another Kryptonian or Daxamite would be the equivalent to having the villain be another speedster on The Flash — you need to get creative with this show, and with that having some sort of incredibly fearful villain with the ability to take away some of the team’s powers would be the right way for the story to go.

What will happen? – There will be a showdown that puts the fate of both National City and the Earth in some jeopardy, as we can easily see Rhea willing to destroy much of the Earth if she can’t get Mon-El to leave there willingly. One other thing to keep watch over is whether or not Mon-El feels any sort of responsibility to get back home and help some of his people. After a certain point, this could be something that he starts to think about given that their only other leader is Rhea, and that’s not much of a role model. He’s got some big decisions to face at the end of the season.

For what it’s worth, we doubt that Supergirl introduces a new Big Bad at the end of the city. More than likely, they’ll figure that out over the summer and concentrate things to a certain extent.

How do you think that Supergirl season 2 should come to an end? Share some of your thoughts now in the comments!

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