Arrow season 5: Stephen Amell charts out Oliver and Felicity’s journey

Oliver and FelicityMrs. Carter: Is there still hope for Oliver and Felicity fans on Arrow?

As awesome as the season’s been to date, we know that this audience is still waiting for something more from the couple. The engagement ended back in season 4, and ever since that time, we’ve been waiting to see precisely what the show is planning to do with them … or at the very least, how they’re handling the fact that they work together so closely and have such a deep personal history.

There have been rumors aplenty for quite some time that something could be happening, and we’re now getting a little more insight on that. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Stephen Amell confirmed that there will be some time to explain what’s been going on for the two characters, and where the relationship could go moving forward:

“Being in the fifth season of the show, we can let things burn slowly … I know that a lot of people who have been watching the show have been getting impatient is one word, upset is another, hopeless is the strongest way to put it, but at the same time, it’s our fifth season, we can take our time with things. Oliver and Felicity, whatever happened between them in between our fourth and our fifth season, and the reason that they have been where they are right now throughout the course of the season, we get a chance to explain it.”

If the two get back together, we’d certainly be all for it provided that the show finds a way to have the relationship happen without changing who the two are as people. One of the big issues with the season 3 / season 4 relationship was that it didn’t feel altogether organic to who Oliver and Felicity were during the first two seasons. Part of the problem there for us was just that we didn’t get to see so much of the development for the two at the couple. They got together in season 3, and by the time the new season started they’d been together for a while and Oliver was thinking about an engagement. We skipped over some of the fun we tend to get from other shows on TV, not that Arrow really should be a fun show much of the time. The weight of it is one of the many reasons why it is so great.

Do you think we should see Oliver and Felicity together on Arrow before the end of season 5, or do you think there are other priorities? Share below.

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