Once Upon a Time season 6 episode 15 sneak peek: Kracken conundrum

KrackenRelease the Kracken! On Once Upon a Time season 6 episode 15, one of the biggest things that you clearly should expect is the arrival of one of these nasty creatures … and in a rather surprising way to boot.

As the sneak peek below for the episode makes it clear, one of the biggest things that you can expect to see over the course of the episode is a search for Kracken’s blood. It’s conveniently the one thing that helps Nemo’s show the Nautilus travel between realms, and also conveniently it just so happens that Gideon used up the last of it to transport the ship away from Storybrooke.

Clearly, sending Hook off away from the action was one of the main pushes of this episode, with one of the bigger reasons for it being that Gideon wants a distraction. He knows that Emma and Hook are stronger together, and without her pirate, Emma will be feeling somewhat vulnerable. She may be tough, but she’s only human and as a result of that, such things as her fiance seemingly skipping town are going to get to her on some level. She will try to move forward, but this will nag at her. It also probably won’t help that Gideon’s probably going to be coming after her. He wants to be the Savior, and in his deluded mind you have to remove Emma from the equation in order for this to happen.

Luckily for Hook, it does feel like he’s going to have some assistance in making this happen from a whole motley crew of various recurring characters. Not only will both Aladdin and Jasmine be around to help, but you’re also going to get a chance to see Ariel turning up for the first time in a while. All of them should prove to be essential allies to Hook, so we’ll just wait and see if he gets back to Emma in this episode or if it ends up taking a while for this big reunion to happen.

New episodes of Once Upon a Time are going to be continue air for many Sunday nights to come, and of course, we’ll have further news / scoop along the way! Be sure to head over to the link here to get some further updates when it comes to the show, including the future for Snow and Charming. Our full review will be online come Sunday night. (Photo: ABC.)

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