Would Batgirl work better on The CW than as a feature film?

BatgirlEarlier today, the news first came out that Warner Bros. and DC Comics are going to be bringing a new adaptation of Batgirl to the big screen. Not only that, but it seems as though they’re going to be getting none other than Joss Whedon of The Avengers on board to direct! It’s a great property with a rich, under-utilized comic history. Therefore, it makes some sense.

With that being said … would it make more sense on The CW than on the big screen? We’d argue so.

For one, this is a character who has way more story than you would ever be able to throw into a single movie. It also gives you so much more time and flexibility to figure things out. If you’re making a movie, you have one go of things. If that doesn’t work, it’s hard to bounce back. It’s a little easier for a TV show, and to be honest, we think that the network’s done a better job cultivating that entire universe to date. They have a far better architecture, and they seem to better represent the comic-book tone.

Plus, wouldn’t this be a great way to get some more Batman villains into the DC – CW universe? Yes, we know that some are already on Gotham, but they can be aged up here; or, you could find a few that aren’t on that show yet.

We also have a bit of a dream for the CW universe, and it’s something that we’re thinking about cultivating for a larger article — cut down the episode orders for many of the shows to around 13-15 a season, and then bring on a few other shows to air in the fall / spring. That way, you get more iconic heroes, and you also get them without there being filler stories. One of our big frustrations with shows like The Flash is that they do a great job with the main storyline, but there are a lot of episodes that you forget about a week or two when they’re off the air.

Finally, wouldn’t it be nice for Arrow to have a real counterpart? The other shows in this universe are all based around superpowers, and it’s hard for them to crossover without distorting the tone of the original show in the universe. Bringing in Batgirl, a show featuring another vigilante character without a horde of powers, would give Oliver Queen more of a natural show partner.

What do you think: Would a Batgirl show on The CW work? Share some of your thoughts with a comment below! (Photo: The CW.)

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