The Blacklist: Redemption episode 6 review: Is the secret out?

The Blacklist: Redemption episode 6 review

Over the course of The Blacklist: Redemption, we’ve seen undercover missions and a secret Russian operation. On Thursday night’s new episode entitled “Hostages,” the case of the week revolved by and large around just that. We saw the Halcyon team struggle to get a family back after they were snatched by dangerous kidnappers, and the further along the story progressed, the more interesting and exciting it became.

Let’s put it this way: There’s nothing like watching sonic blasts shatter windows to the tune of some classic music, while Mr. Solomon and Tom Keen work to spare the hostages from a grisly face. Much like The Blacklist proper, this show excels when it’s doing action-packed sequences that rely on the physicality of its cast.

Where the story started to suffer a little more, however, was in the execution of some of the plot. There was so much time spent getting to know some of the characters, and probably not enough time on the characters we’ve come to know already. If this is a show that is going to be renewed for a second season, one of the things to remember is that there are main characters beyond Tom Keen, Mr. Solomon, and Scottie Hargrave. It’s just hard to dive into the supporting cast and care about all of the characters. Having only eight episodes in your season makes it super-challenging, especially when you are still opting to give us the procedural format.

Let’s go ahead and get to the good stuff — Scottie Hargrave learned the truth that Tom Keen is her son. Howard, in an effort to keep himself alive after he was captured, made it clear to her that she’s been wrong about Tom this whole time. The terrible thing is that this revelation came mere minutes after she’d ordered Solomon to kill Tom, largely because she realized that he was a traitor working for Howard rather than herself. However tough it was to get through the procedural part of the episode, it proved to be worth it thanks to the very end of the episode in which everything started to come together.

Luckily, Scottie managed to call off the kill before things happened, but it was difficult. Solomon didn’t want to listen at first, but he eventually did. Tom lives to see another day, and this is where things really get interesting. Unfortunately, there are only two episodes left, Scottie is now distraught and confused, the story’s better than ever.

Why did we take so long to get to this point? This is the show we want to see, but we may not be seeing it for all too long. Episode Grade: B.

What’s next on The Blacklist: Redemption

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