What does MTAC stand for? NCIS jargon fans have come to appreciate

MTACIf you are a serious NCIS fan you’ve got Tuesday night booked out for weeks in advance. And you probably know every big of terminology thrown around verbally by the characters. For example, when someone says they can’t figure out exactly what MTAC means, you know. Without thinking twice, you quickly shout out it’s the United States Department of the Navy’s Multiple Threat Alert Center.

The jargon used on the popular CBS show makes the story come alive. Fans couldn’t be more delighted. Fully engaging with the characters and enjoying the show, viewers are exposed to a whole new language and the life of solving crime. This aspect of the show is beyond what some people might typically expect. Believe it or not, most of these terms are used by actual NCIS agents too. You just wouldn’t have a chance to know that unless you regularly watch the show. How many viewers were familiar with the NCIS itself before the show?

What other terms are used on NCIS to describe a case in action?

BOLO — This term stands for “be on the lookout.” An all-points bulletin spread out beyond the department shares information to agencies to find a suspect.

SECNAV — More than once orders have come down from the Secretary of the Navy and that is what SECNAV is, but it’s abbreviated to sound even more important. The office is the head of the Navy and he (or she) makes an impact on final decisions.

CODIS – This is the Combined DNA Index System acronym and it’s used by NCIS as well as other federal agencies to keep track of criminal offenders. If you’re in CODIS and do a crime, you will be caught – no doubt about it.

The military jargon used on the CBS show helps keep the focus of the story and it further develops the characters on NCIS. It would be pretty lame if there wasn’t any interesting language used on this show. The terminology truly connects the stories to the military life. And did I mention that the fans love it too? Yes, they most certainly do! It helps to establish an identity, and this uniqueness is one of many reasons why this show is still on the air after so many years.

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