Bull episode 17 review: Benny’s love life; a matter of trust

Bull episode 17 reviewThrough Bull season 17 from start to finish, one of the big things that we saw was people putting everything on the line.

For Bull in particular, he put much of his own money on the line in order to ensure that a class-action suit ended up working in his favor. We went into the high-stakes world of investment banking, one where we saw the head make over $70 million while some of the clients squandered much of their worth while many clients squandered and lost a lot of money.

As Bull and Benny got further into their trial, they started to see that despite whatever they may have felt, it was looking more and more like they simply didn’t have a case. They did their best, but in this case, there were too many factors working against them. Even the judge was biased in support of the institution Bull was trying to fight.

As a result of all this, what we ended up seeing was a pretty fantastic stunt regarding Sofia (a surprising new Benny love interest) and a juror, one that put the other side potentially on the rails. Bull wasn’t expecting the judge to come in and interrupt his little game. This distraction, however small, ended up being a way to accelerate the case and figure out a way to get their plaintiffs the money that they lost. Benny did everything that he can to get the jury on his side regardless of the Sofia play not working out as expected. Unfortunately, Bull found himself having to spend the end of the trial outside of the courtroom after the judge booted him. Luckily, he learned that the trust company lost, and all of the plaintiffs managed to get the victory they so sought. Three cheers for Sofia, and for Team Bull!

As for Benny and Sofia’s future, it didn’t look like things will move forward there … at least on the surface. After all, the timing just doesn’t appear to be right for them until she showed up in the closing minutes. Benny is still holding out on Bull, though, in terms of a secret. We’ll see how that unfolds from here.

Overall take

One of the best things about Bull is how the writers continue to find a way to create interesting new cases, and they certainly did that here! While we do think there are still challenges that come via trying to liven up jury selection every week, the show at least tries to present its mousetraps in interesting ways. It’s almost like solving a different puzzle every single week. Episode Grade: B+.

Next time on Bull episode 18

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