NCIS: New Orleans theme song: TV Music is a cell phone ringtone

NCIS: New Orleans theme songWatching NCIS: New Orleans on Tuesday night is always a thrill. However, if it’s Friday afternoon and you’re missing Agent Dwayne Pride’s southern charm you might need a boost. Any ideas on how to get that down home feeling to make it another new episode? What about downloading the NCIS: New Orleans theme song as a ringtone to your cell phone?

When I originally heard the theme song, on the very first episode, I thought it was quite catchy. If you’re a music lover, the song “Boom Boom” by Big Head Todd & the Monsters, is great without the show. However, it is a perfect introduction to the solving crime in a musical community like New Orleans. Plus the positive tempo gets viewers all revved up to help Agent Pride’s team solve some crimes. It’s a win-win in my book. The NCIS: New Orleans theme song is never to be interrupted when it plays at my house.

Perhaps that’s why I was giggling when I heard the theme song about a week ago. I wasn’t in front of my TV nor was I online. Instead I was in a very large parking structure in Los Angeles. Dozens of people were getting out of their car, just like me, ready to head into the mall. And then without notice, the theme song of NCIS: New Orleans is heard bouncing off the cement around us. I gazed around excited. I Looking for Scott Bakula (who plays Agent Pride) to make an entrance. Next thing I hear is “Hello.” Yep, a NCIS: New Orleans viewer had used it for a ringtone. I reacted just like a fan. My giggling was sheer delight because it made me think about a show I appreciate even in the heart of Hollywood.

NCIS: New Orleans theme song gets you ready for the CBS show

If you love NCIS: New Orleans or any of the NCIS series theme songs, you can easily get the music for a ringtone. It shows your support of the show, it’s a great conversation starter and it puts fans like myself in a great mood. The best part? Downloading the ringtone is super easy too!

If you want to hear the theme song now, there’s a live version in the video below.

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