Bones season 13: Could we get David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel revival?

Bones season 13With tonight being the Bones series finale, we have to ask the question: What are the chances of a Bones season 13?

We’ll start this article by making one thing clear: We know that the idea of this in some ways is rather absurd. We’re only just facing the end of the show right now and have barely dried our tears from crying at the thought of it being over! With that being said it’s hard to look towards the future and imagine that anyone is thinking about anything other than an extended break. In some cases, they’re thinking about moving on to other projects. After all, it was recently reported that David Boreanaz is going to join the new CBS Navy SEAL pilot. This means that his schedule will be crammed for some time (at least that’s what we are hoping for).

Here’s how we see the Bones season 13 situation at present: There’s a chance for a revival depending on how the show ends. It’s an iconic franchise for Fox, the characters are loved by fans everywhere, and we have a hard time imagining the series would ever end in a way that renders it impossible for the characters to come back for additional episodes. Yet, it’s also something that nobody is likely thinking about right now. Even on a network like Fox that’s brought back shows like 24, The X-Files, and Prison Break, revivals are still a small percentage of their overall programming. There are also so many moving parts — you have to get the cast back together, and then also the writers and the producers.

Here’s one of the other unfortunate realities to consider: The ratings for Bones the past few seasons have been far from great. There may not be the commercial incentive to bring the show back unless their ratings elsewhere really tank and a number close to a 1.0 suddenly seems appealing. Even still, they’d have to hope that every person watching the show live now would come back and do so again – which we think they would.

At the moment, we’re not holding our breath for a Bones season 13 just yet – the curtain’s dropping on this chapter. Maybe in a few years this could be examined further, but it’s hard to discuss it as a serious possibility while we’re still so close to the end of season 12 and the series as we currently know it.

Before you go, we suggest that you head over to the link here to get a farewell video featuring many Bones cast members from past and present talking about the end of the show.

What do you think: Could a Bones season 13 happen someday? Share some of your thoughts with a comment below! (Photo: Fox.)

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