TV Madness 2017: Outlander and Longmire face off in final

For everyone who’s taken part in the TV Madness 2017 Tournament along the way, we salute you. Now, we’re making it officially nearing the end of the road with Outlander and Longmire. Two awesome shows have made it to the top after tens of thousands of votes throughout the tournament, and only one is going to emerge as the champion.

What do these shows bring to the table? Passionate fans, fantastic quality, and a spirit of unity and escapism. They each take you to a different place, and make you feel like you’re a part of that world. Let’s get now to profiling these two worthy finalists and their journeys before explaining the voteing for the final round.

Outlander (#1 seed) – We’d be lying if we were to call this repeat performance by the Starz series a surprise. It’s the reigning champion, and it’s steamrolled its way through most of the competition to this point. While Poldark put up more of a challenge in the semifinal than any other show had to date, it was still able to emerge with a commanding victory. It’s got the momentum going into this final round, and one of the most supportive fan followings to go along with that. How else do you explain them overtaking so many established shows at the People’s Choice Awards this year? (We’ve probably already ranted enough about the PCAs’ treatment of the show as a winner.)

Longmire (#3 seed) – Meanwhile, on the flip side we come to you with another stellar show that’s put up some very good performances to make it to the final. It dominated Chicago Med in the first round, and while it faced some tests with Hawaii Five-0 and then Black Sails (the underdog of the whole tournament) in the semifinals, it too was able to make it here without too much of a nail-biter. Like Outlander defied the odds in its dominance at the People’s Choice Awards earlier this year, Longmire (which is set to film its final season) defied the odds in getting additional seasons on Netflix. Both these shows have their own Cinderella story already, so it’s going to be interesting to see where the results fall here.

Now, it’s time to start the vote! We will keep the vote officially open until 9:00 a.m. Pacific on March 31, and we will announce the winner of the tournament in a separate article not too long after that. They’ll get the glory of holding onto the title for at least until March 2018.

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