Supergirl season 2 episode 17 review: Rhea’s kill and a Preisdential twist

Supergirl season 2 episode 17 reviewLast week on The Flash, we saw the relationship between Mon-El and Kara get back on good standing because of the Music Meister. He helped to make it clear to the two of them how much that they care about each other, and this compelled them to dive back into Supergirl season 2 episode 17 together.

Well, that didn’t last long. Mon-El’s mother Rhea made a decision to stick a bounty on Supergirl’s head, and she used that in order to manipulate her son and convince her that she find a way back. The only way in which to do that was to force it to happen. Rhea was willing to stab Kara with Kryptonite! Basically, she was so desperate to get her kid back that, in the process, she was willing to kill someone in the process.

In the end, Mon-El agreed to go back to Daxam, and Kara found herself in a position where she couldn’t do all that much about it. After all, President Marsdin had already issued an order not to kill anyone from Daxam to start a war. J’onn disguised himself as Kara before going up to Rhea’s ship. He took on some of her soldiers, and then in turn managed to trick Rhea long enough to get the upper hand. Meanwhile, Winn tasked himself with freeing Mon-El.

It wasn’t Rhea who ended up stopping the madness; it was Mon-El’s more peacefully-minded father Lar Gand instead who decided that there was no point in continuing to fight. He let them go.

The first big twist of the night came here when it was officially revealed that the President had an ulterior motive for her comments: she is actually an alien! Then, enter the second twist: Rhea killed her own husband! She wasn’t happened with him letting Mon-El go, and she is clearly not over what happened just yet.

The latest saga of Alex and Maggie

We love Sanvers. There is no debating that. The one thing that we’re starting to become a little bit worried about is that these subplots are taking Alex too far away from everything going on with Kara. We want to see her out in the field more!

What was good about this story was exposing us more to Maggie’s flaws, and also understanding more of why she is the way that she is. In this instance, she chose not to disclose the full truth about her past with her ex Emily, mostly because she was probably both embarrassed of it and she’s also got a tendency to not trust anyone that is altogether close to her. Alex helped Maggie to get some sort of closure with her ex, and the two were able to move forward.

Overall take

“Distant Sun” was a worthy episode to send us off on hiatus for a little while. There were some fantastic action sequences and heartfelt moments galore. With Lar Gand gone, nothing is standing in Rhea’s way now of a comeback. Grade: B+.

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