Is Blue Bloods season 7 episode 18 new tonight? More episode details

Blue Bloods season 7

Is Blue Bloods season 7 episode 18 new tonight? Trust us when we say that we want to see the series back just as much as you do! It’s one of our favorites to write about, and it’s a show that does still have some great stories still to tell this season.

Specifically, you’re going to get a chance to see some of these stories play out when it comes to the March 31 episode — in other words, there is no new episode tonight. You’re waiting for one more week, but following that, you’re going to see many stories play out in succession. This includes the episode on April 14 entitled “No Retreat, No Surrender,” and we’re here to present a few more details about that one in particular. You’re going to see over the course of the hour a witness in one of Erin’s former cases in Reggie Wilson ask for her help in order to shut down a massive drug operation in his apartment building. She’s the sort of person (like all of the Reagans are) who is invested in helping people who do the right thing; with that, she’ll fight to make this building safe.

Meanwhile, you’re also going to see Danny and Baez work together in this episode to solve the mystery of a teen’s suicide. They start to suspect that they may have been murdered instead, and that blows the entire case wide open.

As for Frank (what would an episode of Blue Bloods be without a big Frank story?), you should be prepared for him to initiate an investigation into misconduct within the Mayor’s office. This is something that Frank should have a little bit of experience with at the moment, given that he’s done it several times over at this point.

The big bummer to us is that the press release for this episode makes no clear mention of anything that is coming for Jamie and Eddie. We’ve made it clear on a few different occasions now that we want to see them together by the end of the season. Now, we’re just waiting to see that if that happens.

If you’re interested in getting some additional news right now when it comes to Blue Bloods, our suggestion is fairly simple

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