The Blacklist: Redemption episode 5 review: Every bit of evidence helps

The Blacklist Redemption episode 5

In this The Blacklist: Redemption episode 5 review, we’re going on a plane, into the far reaches of Canada, and to a mystical land where Mr. Solomon wanders around sporting a giant blanket. “Borealis 301” was one of the more engaging episodes of the season, at least in terms of the show giving you an interesting case to try to offset the fact that we spend most of every episode waiting for Terry O’Quinn to show back up.

the origins of this episode began with a bit of a classic cat-and-mouse, watching Tom and Solomon try to hunt after a band of thieves. All the while, Tom’s brain was somewhat preoccupied courtesy of Howard telling him what his primary mission should really be: Trying to find the information necessary to prove that Scottie isn’t perhaps the same Scottie that she once was. He’s been riding hard that Russian-duplicate narrative for a while, and somehow, we buy into the idea of O’Quinn playing some sort of conspiracy nut who doesn’t leave the house.

After taking care of business with the operation, Tom returned and uncovered arguably one of his most important clues about the Howard – Scottie mystery to date. He thought that he had some of the best evidence that he’s had yet about the conspiracy. The comic book did effectively show that Howard wasn’t crazy, and that there was some shred of truth behind what he was saying. Whether or not this shred of true was equal to the whole truth is another subject altogether, but this discovery kept Tom from confessing the truth about his heritage to Scottie in a vulnerable moment.

Unfortunately, herein lies the problem with Tom’s big realization. In the closing minutes tonight, Tom saw Mr. Solomon escorting Howard away before he could get back to him. this makes thins messy, and that is putting it mildly. Now, he has to find a way to operate without one of his biggest sources of information, let alone his father.


This was a good episode by and large, though we are still clamoring for a situation where we get Famke Janssen and Ryan Eggold in the same room longer than we do here. To go along with that further, is there a situation where we can get O’Quinn and James Spader in the same room? Please? Grade: B+.

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Let’s just say that the back-and-forth for Scottie will continue as you get set for some further information on Whitehall. If you head over here, you can see additional intel on what’s coming.

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