Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders season 2 episode 4: Simmons’ journey

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders season 2 episode 4Following tonight’s episode, what can you expect from Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders season 2 episode 4? We’ve got an episode coming up entitled “Pretty Little Me” that is going to be shocking, but also powerful and personal at the same time. One of the biggest criticisms that we’ve had of the first three episodes of the show is that there haven’t been much in the way of great individual stories for some of the characters. As a result of that, we’re rather thrilled to see that Simmons will have some time in the spotlight — and a chance to discover some more of his roots in the process. Huzzah!

After spending tonight in Colombia trying to tackle one of the most difficult cases we’ve seen in “The Devil’s Breath” (hey, at least we had a happy ending, right?), we’re going to be heading to South Korea next! Some further details can be found below.

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders season 2 episode 4 synopsis – “The International Response Team head to South Korea when an American college student is found disfigured. Also, Simmons fulfills his mother’s last dying wish to find his grandmother.”

One of the things that we give the show credit for is having a crew at the ready to create as many different environments as possible in a short period of time. We saw that tonight in Colombia, and they’re going to be flipping things now to the complete opposite side of the world. The photo above is indicative of some of that.

Seeing Simmons find his grandmother and get in touch of this part of his past should make for very interesting story, especially since we’ve gotten to know him fairly well as a character right now. This is not a story that would’ve worked as well in the first season of the show, when you knew these characters more on a getting-to-know-you level.

As for the case of the week, it’s harder to get psyched on the same level about the case of a college student being killed overseas. It is something, after all, we’ve seen so many times in headlines already. Here’s to hoping the writers have a few twists in store for us.

Now that we’ve said all of that … is this the time we start to plead for more people to watch the show? Then more people PLEASE watch the show! If you’re recording it, watch it live! It helps the ratings.

For some further news now when it comes to tonight’s episode, be sure to head over to the link here. (Photo: CBS.)

What do you want to see on Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders season 2 episode 4? Share some of your thoughts and expectations in the comments! (Photo: CBS.)

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