Is The Knick season 3 canceled for good? Actor reportedly suggests so

The Knick season 3Is The Knick season 3 officially dead and buried? It’s not something that we like to think about or accept since this is a great show, but it’s starting to seem more and more like this could be a reality.

Speaking to TVLine while at PaleyFest recently in Los Angeles, Chris Sullivan (who was a key part of that show before moving on to This Is Us as Toby) made it clear that the once-great Cinemax series is apparently not going to be coming back:

“Yeah, I’ve heard it’s done … They were gonna try [to do a third season], but I’ve heard it’s done.”

The season 2 finale for The Knick ended in a spot that made it look as though the future for Clive Owen’s Dr. Thackery was bleak at best. We know that for us, we certainly did wonder if we were going to see a whole lot more of him on the show after that, if at all. He was the heartbeat and the star of the series, but in this modern age of great casting it was possible to envision the show going on without him.

We also do know that at one point, Cinemax was considering making The Knick season 3, having ordered a script from executive producer Steven Soderbergh. However, nothing ever materialized from it since, and while we consider this to be one of the better shows of the past ten or so years, it’s fair to question if the diehard audience exists there to the extent that they will come back to watch it if it is revived. For one, you have to get people to subscribe to Cinemax, which isn’t always an easy feat. Also, you have to promote it to them given that it’s already been almost a year and a half since the show was on the air. If it started to film tomorrow, we don’t see it coming on the air until near the end of this year. Realistically, it’d be more like 2018 before we got new episodes given that there aren’t any scripts ready.

Unfortunately, for now we have to officially shift The Knick over to the TV graveyard and out of purgatory. (For the record, we’re keeping Hannibal in purgatory for as long as humanly possible — there’s still hope!)

What do you think: Are you sad that it appears that The Knick season 3 is, to cite another famed cable series, six feet under? Share some of your thoughts on the matter below! (Photo: FX.)

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