TV Madness 2017: Outlander and Once Upon a Time have a round 3 rematch

Outlander and Once Upon a Time -Last year in our CarterMatt TV Madness Tournament, Outlander and Once Upon a Time met up in the final battle, leading to Outlander taking home the win. This time around, the two parties are squaring off a little bit earlier on in the game. They’re both tremendous shows with passionate followings, so we’ll see what happens when they battle here in Round Three.

Before jumping into voting for your favorite, here’s your reminder that voting here will be a somewhat-smaller window of time as we get closer to the end of the month — the winner will be revealed on the morning of March 25! From there, they will face off against either Vikings or Poldark, depending on what happens with that particular showdown.

Now, let’s get to sizing up these two heavy hitter competitors.

Outlander (#1 seed) – The show completely dominated Doctor Who in the first round on the way to a potential repeat win, and while we’ll give Major Crimes fans credit for putting forth a great effort, Outlander still won that showdown with 90% of the vote. There’s a reason why this show is the reigning champion, and why we’re seeing it be so dominant once more. The fan base loves the show and loves supporting it — when you’ve got a program this high-quality, it’s easy to understand why. It’s well-acted, beautifully-written, and it takes you to another place in time.

Once Upon a Time (#3 seed) – In some ways, we suppose that Once Upon a Time is similar in that it has a sort of escapism quality to it that is uniquely its own. It’s a show that professes love for fairy-tales and encourages others to feel the same. It’s fun, and a pretty-perfect way to escape from the problems from the world, even for a short period of time. Its success in the tournament remains so interesting in that it frequently wins, but often by fairly close votes. In the past round, for example, it managed to topple Supernatural with around 56% of the vote. A very narrow win.

Now … we turn this over to you! A couple of quick reminders while you get engaged in the voting process — you may vote however often you like, but you may need to clear your cache or use a different browser / device for repeat voting. Also, if you’re visiting on mobile and do not see the poll, click to view the non-AMP version at the bottom of the page. That should take you to a version of the site where the poll is visible. Happy voting!

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