Fargo season 3 promo gives you taste of Ewan McGregor, cast

Fargo season 3

April 19. If you consider yourself to be a fan of all things Fargo, that’s probably a date that you’ve got written down in your calendar and also stamped somewhere on hour hand, just in case you forget. The third season is finally here!

It goes without saying that there is a lot of tremendous stuff coming in Fargo season 3 in particular  that you’re bound to enjoy, but the latest promo HERE makes that all the clearer. Here, you give an introduction to many of the main cast members, whether it be Carrie Coon of The Leftovers, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, or of course two different roles played by Ewan McGregor. Somehow, in between both filming the new Trainspotting and then going off to promote said movie, he ventured up to Canada to embark on one of the most complicated journeys possible. It’s a lot to ask one actor to do a role this meaty and in these sort of conditions. It’s another thing to ask that if two different people. It’s an immense challenge, and that is something that we’re thrilled to check out when the show actually airs.

If you haven’t heard much about Fargo season 3 so far, know that the story is more contemporary than the ones we’ve seen so far, which also gives it a chance to reflect back on some of the events that have happened in both the two seasons of the show and also the movie. We’ll also have a slightly shifted setting, but once again some other insane case that throws many of these characters outside of their element. These are not situations and crises that these characters are used to, and that is a big reason why so many of the stories are so entertaining and compelling.

Here’s to hoping to a surprise season 1 cameo here or there. We understand the desire to make each season its own thing, but there’s also something to giving each one some connective tissue to the rest of the outside universe.

What do you think: Does this Fargo season 3 promo do a good job of presenting the show’s cast? Sound off in the comments!

Also, be sure to head over to this link to check out the wide assortment of other Fargo teasers that FX is throwing out there these days, we do think that there are a rather good allotment of them worth checking out. (Photo: FX.)

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