Outlander season 3 notes: Richard Rankin, Sophie Skelton, and teaser expectations

Richard Rankin -As we’ve noted recently, it’s been a rather quiet time in the Outlander universe. Filming is continuing in South Africa, and we know that there have been a few assorted Caitriona Balfe – Sam Heughan sightings here and there. Much of the actual filming of the show remains under wraps, which may be aided in part by the fact that the specific filming locations (so far) have been difficult for everyday people to access.

We imagine that there’ll be some teases of Jamie and Claire aboard these ships at some point, but it’s about timing more so than anything else, and there’s no hurry to push anything right now. When your show doesn’t premiere until the fall, the game for Starz should be to release a few isolated teases, but then save the majority of the goods until the summer. When it comes to publicity, you want to build leading up to the premiere date. If you promote everything now, there’s less to do in the fall and there’s a fear that casual viewers may forget when the show’s starting. Those are the people Starz will be trying to reach — they know that the diehards (a.k.a. the majority of the people who watch the show) will still be watching.

Anyhow, enough of us surveying the field of TV-show marketing. Let’s dive into the Empire Awards!

While Balfe and Heughan are both in Cape Town / the surrounding area filming the show, Richard Rankin, Sophie Skeleton, and Rosie Day were all making appearances at the London awards show. The photo below was shared by Rankin on social media (we’re a rather tremendous fan of that suit!) and of course he and Sophie look lovely. There are many more photos of the two of them out there plus also some of Rosie, but we tend to be rather wary of sharing excess photos from red-carpet events. They are all over Twitter, so all you have to do is search for the actors’ names to uncover them.

We’re certainly hoping to get a big season 3 for both Bree and Roger; as some longtime readers know, we intentionally opt to not read the books so that we can judge the show independently on its own merit. Therefore, we know less than many fans out there about what’s coming for the two characters, other than that we’re going to see more of them and they’ll be integral in the story to come.

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