Supergirl season 2: Are hard times coming for Winn and Lyra?

Winn and Lyra -Mrs. Carter: Is the relationship on the rocks between Winn and Lyra already?

This relationship has become one of our favorite parts of Supergirl season 2 — it came almost out of nowhere, but in the time in which we’ve seen it, it’s become a very entertaining part of the series. We’ve gotten a great opportunity to get to know the characters through this, and they’ve really brought the best out in each other. Lyra helps to make Winn a little less cautious and to win in the moment; meanwhile, he does give her a further sense of control … sometimes. It’s the lack of control that she exhibits in an upcoming episode of the show that serves as a great source of tension between the two.

Speaking (per TVLine) while at PaleyFest over the weekend, Jeremy Jordan passed along the following information about an upcoming story:

“She uses Winn to break into an art museum, saying, like, ‘Hey we’re just gonna have fun’ — and they do have fun.”

This does sound like a good time, right? Well, unfortunately this is where things start to go south. Just take a further look at what Jordan has to say from here on the subject of what happens next — where Lyra tries to use her abilities in order to snatch a rare painting:

“Winn is feeling very deceived by Lyra, somebody he’s put his full trust in and fallen very fast and very hard for … It goes down a pretty dark path. Winn and Lyra’s future is definitely up in the air after this big deception.”

So was she using him all along in order to engage in a sting operation, or did she decide on this in the moment after seeing it? That’s an important part of the story, but one way or another, there could be trouble. Just remember for a minute here that Winn is a man who constantly deals in good more so than someone who makes a habit out of causing trouble. We’ll see where things end up.

Tomorrow night, you’ll get a chance to see quite a bit go down on Supergirl, especially when it comes to the relationship between Kara and Mon-El. For some further news about that, just be sure to head over to the link here.

What do you think is going to happen win Winn and Lyra on Supergirl season 2? Share your thoughts with a comment! (Photo: The CW.)

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