Homeland season 6 episode 10 promo: Quinn looks back; Dar looks forward

Homeland season 6 episode 10It is certainly interesting to think we’re so far into this season already, but here we are with Homeland season 6 episode 10 coming just around the corner. We’re almost at the end of the season, and we’re at a time now where things are going to heat up and problems could start to cover the sky like rainclouds in a thunderstorm. “The Flag House” is probably not the culmination of the season 6 story, but we have to imagine that we’re getting close to it.

This episode is probably going to be especially essential for those of you following the Dar Adal storyline, given that he’s clearly been in the “up to something” camp for most of the season and we’re starting to inch ever closer to the point in the story in which he could be called out for it or even worse. Given everything he’s done, we still say that it’s difficult to imagine him making it out of this season.

Homeland season 6 episode 10 synopsis – “Dar plays his hand; Quinn revisits his past.”

Just as we mentioned, Showtime isn’t really in the mood clearly to be giving a whole lot away at the moment when it comes to the story of what’s coming. All we can say is that we’re not surprised that Quinn would be forced to look back eventually. This is a show that does revisit pain and forces it characters to face the consequences of their actions. As a result of that, you can’t be that shocked to learn that they are doing something like this here.

Promo – This is where things get hairy, as you’re going to be seeing Carrie give what amounts to a very difficult deposition as much of her future hangs in the balance. Meanwhile, Saul finds himself in a situation that is so perilous that he will wonder if he can stay above ground much longer.

The final episodes feel very much themed around propaganda, which shouldn’t surprise anyone given that this is a show that has an eerie habit of being close to modern events. With Keane accusing someone of threatening her, it looks like we could have an intense conclusion coming soon.

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