The Flash / Supergirl crossover: Melissa Benoist on the Music Meister

The Flash / Supergirl crossover -There are many things to be excited about when it comes to the latest The Flash / Supergirl crossover. This time around, there’s also a considerable amount of mystery courtesy of the villain. We know that the Music Meister will be thrusting Kara Danvers and Barry Allen into some sort of alternate universe where it seems as though singing is key to survival; yet, at the same time, there isn’t much out there when it comes to his motive. What does this guy really want? Is it so simple as to make these characters have a demented song in their heart? We wouldn’t say so.

Speaking to Entertainment WeeklySupergirl star Melissa Benoist does make it clear that there is a time when it will start to become a little more apparent as to precisely what is going down with Darren Criss’ character. His motives will eventually come to light, but likely not until we get close to the end of the road with the story:

“I always love when our villains have a bit of tongue-in-cheek quirkiness about them. They get silly and goofy, and that’s definitely what this is. He’s kind of this all-knowing and all-powerful being that we don’t really know where he comes from or why he’s doing what he’s doing until the very end, but I guess that’s how he’s different. He’s very mysterious and more magical than violent.”

The challenge we imagine with telling the story of this guy is mostly that you do have to compact so much of it into a fairly-short span of time, especially given that he’s not someone you’re probably going to be seeing on the show again. Just remember for a minute here that Criss has a big part coming on an American Crime Story, and musicals are in general a story convention that’s a little hard to repeat on a show like this. It’s possible that viewers hate it and don’t want any more; or, even if viewers love it, you don’t want to take away from what made the first one so special in the first place.

One way or another we’ll render our full verdict on the musical crossover in a few days. For now, be sure to check out the extended promo that we’ve got for the episode.

Is there anything that you want to see on the episode, and from the Music Meister? Share in the comments! (Photo: The CW.)

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