Black Sails season 4 episode 8 sneak peek: Max, Anne, and everything broken

Black Sails season 4 episode 8 sneak peekIn this Black Sails season 4 episode 8 sneak peek, what we’re looking at here is mostly a case of two characters pondering over what their future could be … and we mean that in both a macro and a micro sense.

Can you go back to the way in which the world once was? It’s a bold dream, but unfortunately, this is also precisely what it is: A dream. Sometimes, things are too broken that it’s pretty impossible to rebuild, and there’s too much water under the bridge. This may be the way that Anne looks at things in the midst of her conversation with Max. It’s simple, it’s subtle, it’s painful, and it’s probably pretty close to what the reality of the world is at the moment. Nobody can go back to the world in the way it once was, even if that is precisely what so many people could want on some level.

We’re past the point of no return for some characters, and we’re almost past the point of no return for the notion of being pirates, as well. With empires spreading, the high seas can no longer be controlled in the way that they once were. We could see a passing of the torch over the final episodes, or at least an abandoning of a certain way of life. It’s been a fascinating journey, and while Black Sails has done a good job of taking a look at pirate culture, they’ve been equally effective when it comes to spotlighting individual people within the world and making them feel like they all matter on equal standing. No one person is indicative of the world, and this show has made that clear.

Tomorrow, we’ll see precisely what the future holds for not just these two characters, but also people like Silver and Flint who are becoming increasingly at odds. There are only a small handful of episodes still to come this season, so we imagine everything only getting more and more intense from here.

For another preview for Black Sails season 4 episode 8, we suggest that you head over to the link here!

What do you think about this Black Sails season 4 episode 8 sneak peek, and do you have any inclination as to what the future could hold for Max and Anne on the series? Be sure to share your thoughts now in the comments! (Photo: Starz.)


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