Chicago PD season 4 episode 17 promo: Lindsay’s complicated case

Chicago PD season 4 episode 17 promoAfter a brief hiatus the past couple weeks (well, define brief), we’ve got a Chicago PD season 4 episode 17 promo that should get you excited for what’s next. There’s a new episode airing Wednesday entitled “Remember the Devil,” and a kidnapping is going to be at the center of the story.

What makes this one rather challenging for one Erin Lindsay, though, is that she’s not getting the same amount of help that you would assume that she would, all thing considered. Instead, one of the two kidnapping victims decides that she’s not going to be so keen to hand down details regarding what’s really going on, which should in turn make you wonder precisely what she has to hide. Does she know the kidnapper, and is protecting him or her in some way? Lindsay makes it clear that it’s not on her if this girl doesn’t want to come clean with the information; “it’s on you.” Those are her words, and they’re both chilling and true.

We imagine that taking on this investigation during the episode Wednesday is going to take up a rather large percentage of the episode, but there is also going to be a really strong personal component to this story as well given that you’re going to see Lindsay and Halstead deal with a relationship issue that stems from something that he may not have told her about his own past. An ex is going to surface, and Lindsay’s going to wonder why this is the first time that she’s hearing about them.

Does this mean that Jay is up to something? Not necessarily, but she is right to have some pause given that she’s been such an open book in many ways when it comes to her life and conquering some of her own personal demons. She would want him to be on the same page, and if she thinks that he’s not, this could be a huge wrench in their relationship.

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What do you think about this Chicago PD season 4 episode 17 promo? Do you think that Lindsay is going to eventually get what she needs? Share some of your thoughts right now with a comment! (Photo: NBC.)

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