Once Upon a Time season 6 episode 13 sneak peek: Regina and Robin of Loxley

Once Upon a Time season 6 episode 13 sneak peek -If you needed a reminder that this Robin is hardly the Robin we knew, the Once Upon a Time season 6 episode 13 sneak peek is a prime example. It’s a further reminder of the differences between the two, and that this Robin does seem to have some sort of mysterious agenda regarding the box that he stole. Maybe he’s just out for some more revenge on the Sheriff of Nottingham, or maybe his goals are far more mysterious and sinister.

The one thing that we do know is that he’s not altogether keen to let Regina in on what the entirety of his plan is at the moment. He’s cold and distant in this sneak peek, while she at the same time tries to apologize for trying to make him into something that he’s not. After that terribly-awkward kiss that went nowhere, she’s realized now that this is not a Robin she can have some sort of hope or belief in as a romantic partner. She now just needs to figure out what the remainder of his purpose is.

Now that we do know that this Robin isn’t the real Robin, we’re left to ponder over the question as to what it would actually take in order to bring her version back. What happened to Robin at the hands of Hades was terrible, especially since it doesn’t seem that he’s out there on any sort of supernatural plane. He’s basically dust, and this is the Robin that Regina needs some sort of closure with. If we’re going to see him again, the writers may need to get creative … but we’re confident that they could, given how they’ve also bent over backwards in order to ensure that many other characters had a chance at a happy ending.

Speaking of happy endings, be prepared to see some further struggles in that department Sunday as Hook finds himself in a position where he wants to come clean about Charming’s father and what really happened. The issue is that someone else may learn the truth before he even has a shot to clear things up himself.

You can get the full synopsis for this episode of Once Upon a Time by heading over here and checking out this story.

What’s your take on this Once Upon a Time season 6 episode 13 sneak peek? Do you feel more for Regina with every passing episode? Share your thoughts on the subject with a comment! (Photo: ABC.)

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