TV Madness 2017: Longmire and Hawaii Five-0 square off in the second round

Longmire and Hawaii Five-0 -Who doesn’t love a good showdown between two strong contenders? This is what we’re bringing to the table in the second round of our TV Madness 2017 Tournament, given that we have Longmire and Hawaii Five-0 fighting for a chance to enter the top eight, where they can get ever closer to getting into that rarified air!

This is admittedly going to be a tough challenge to even watch unfold, given that these are both shows that we love and have a deep personal attachment for. With that, it’s going to be sad to see either one of them go … but one of them must. It’s the nature of the beast. At least you are for sure going to get a great winner here no matter what happens! Remember that voting is going to be open between now and March 23, where it will face off against either Call the Midwife or The Blacklist. (You can check out that showdown further by heading over here.)

Longmire (#3 seed) – The Netflix series is looking for a big hurrah going into the final season airing in the fall, so what better way to do so than with a win here? It was a complete blowout against Chicago Med in round one, so we have to think that this is a show with a good amount of momentum as we do get into the second round of voting. It’s also a heck of an amazing show that deserves all of the love that it gets. It has drama, a little bit of romance here and there, and great mysteries more or less from start to finish. There are so few other shows out there quite like it.

Hawaii Five-0 (#2 seed) – While Barry Allen on The Flash may be known for his speed, it’s rather ironic that the Five-0 team managed to run circles around him in round one. This is another show with a pretty commanding victory that is facing a very formidable opponent this time around, and given that these shows are largely about stopping bad people, they do have a great deal in common. Hawaii Five-0 has great characters, tremendous action scenes, but also a lot of fun throughout, as well.

Now, we turn things over to you! As we mentioned, you can vote however often you like — for repeat voting, you may need to either clear your cache or use a different browser. Also, be sure to click to view the non-AMP version if you are viewing the page through AMP. Otherwise, the poll will not load.

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