Dancing with the Stars producers quiet on Kaitlyn Bristowe controversy

Kaitlyn Bristowe -There are few times in which who isn’t on a season of Dancing with the Stars turns out to be the story just as much as who is, but this is very much the case based on some of the early conversations that are out there regarding the upcoming 24th season starting Monday. Ironically, though, it’s centering more around casting for a few seasons ago.

Around the time of the cast being released, for Bachelorette star Kaitlyn Bristowe ,ade it clear that she was asked to be on the ballroom competition, but that the idea was vetoed by Bachelor franchise creator Mike Fleiss out of a feeling that he didn’t want his show to be thought of as a springboard to getting on Dancing with the Stars. We do understand that Chris Soules had just done it mere months ago, but the optics were bad given that Trista Sutter remains the only female lead from the franchise to be cast as a regular cast member on the season. (Melissa Rycroft made it onto one as a last-minute replacement, and eventually from there arrived on the All-Star season.)

Speaking on the subject to The Hollywood Reporter, executive producer Ashley Edens played her own cards close to the vest when it comes to why certain stars from the franchise end up making it on the show:

“There’s no rhyme or reason to it. In some seasons it works out and some seasons it doesn’t. This season we wanted Nick.”

If there is a way around this, we’d say that contractually moving forward, the Bachelor or Bachelorette should be able to have a provision stating that in particular when it comes to this show, they should not have the opportunity vetoed by Fleiss or any other producers. It’s on the same network, and if it’s something that Dancing with the Stars executives want you to do, you should have the freedom to choose if you want to do it or not. Given that Kaitlyn Bristowe worked as a dance instructor before her starring gig, we absolutely feel like she’d be rather good at it.

Unfortunately, the ship’s likely sailed on Kaitlyn now since there is no longer a need for Dancing with the Stars producers to bring her onto a show years removed from her gig. Hopefully, this story is a tale to make certain that Rachel Lindsay ends up getting the gig in the event that she wants to trade out roses for dancing shes on the series moving forward.

Remember, you can get some further news when it comes to this season of Dancing with the Stars, including some official spotlights, by heading over to the link here. (Photo: ABC.)

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