Big Brother Canada 5 live feed spoilers: week two nominations

Week two nominations -Oh, we miss the days of crazy nominations on Big Brother were there were people who didn’t know what was happening leading into nomination ceremonies. Maybe it never really was as dramatic as it is in our mind and we’re just being nostalgic.

Nonetheless, the nomination ceremony took place within the Big Brother Canada 5 house earlier this evening, and the week two nominations are precisely who Head of Household Demetres said that they were going to be: Dillon and Emily are up on the block, and the odds are pretty great that one of them will be booted from the game on the next eviction show unless something crazy happens with the Veto. Dillon and Demetres were on the outs with each other some time ago, and Emily is one of his closest allies. This isn’t a big move that Demetres is making, but it’s one that will probably not make him a whole lot of enemies and allow him to go into the background when the week is over.

Given that Dillon and Emily saw it coming, there was little reason for them to be upset. They are both in danger now of going home, but some people don’t want to see Emily up there moving into the eviction. Dallas is someone who’s gotten himself into a bit of trouble, and Cassandra may push for Bruno until the cows come home. All of this should make for glorious entertainment depending on what happens in the Veto. We somewhat want to root for Dillon, mostly because he’s a walking disaster and in no way similar to what we expected him to be going into the season.

Of course, there was also apparently something super-entertaining that we missed when the feeds were down: A fight breaking out between Dallas and Karen where he was, to the surprise of few, a complete heel to her. The point here is that Karen doesn’t get carte blanche to do whatever she wants in the house because she’s older or a lifelong fan, but judging from what Cass and others have said, he crossed a line and was unnecessarily mean. This easily could be something that causes him to get backdoored and sent out of the game earlier than he would have been otherwise.

For some further news related to Big Brother Canada, including more updates from the live feeds, head over to the link here! We’ll be back tomorrow with more… (Photo: Global.)

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