MasterChef Junior interview: Gonzalo Ingram looks back at time in competition

Gonzalo Ingram -Gonzalo Ingram had a nice run on MasterChef Junior season 5 — he made it all the way to the top 16 this season, and got to take part in one of the first big team challenges of the season as the kids were all outdoors working to satisfy a group of first responders. It wasn’t until after the challenge when the blue team lost that we saw Gonzalo and Charlie ultimately eliminated.

So how does Gonzalo look back at his time on the show, whether it be stepping into a leadership role or some of his favorite challenges? We’ve got an exclusive exit interview below for you to get a little bit more insight!

CarterMatt – What was the experience like doing the team challenge for the first responders?

Gonzalo Ingram – It was such a great experience cooking for people who risk their lives for us everyday!

What was the hardest part of doing it?

The hardest part was that it was very hot and I was working in front of an oven and grill.  The smoke kept getting in my face making it hard to see and breathe.

You tried to be a leader during a part of the challenge. Did the show teach you anything about leadership?

Yes, I tried to help the team by taking the lead when I saw that our team captain was struggling.  What I learned from the show and the first responders team challenge is that when leading, the best approach is not to yell.  Even when emotion is high and the clock is ticking down we have to find it within us to keep a cool head and stay calm.

Was there any one challenge that you enjoyed the most?

The challenge that I enjoyed the most was the team challenge for the first responders.  First, because I felt honored to cook for the first responders.  Second, because I got a look into what it is to cook in a professional environment in a team situation where there are different people working different stations like in a restaurant.

What was some of the advice that Chef Ramsay and Chef Tosi gave you before leaving?

They told me to keep my head held high, to never give up and to always keep cooking!

What’s coming up with MasterChef Junior?

If we do get some exit interview responses from Charlie back, we’ll have a separate article for them. For now, we suggest heading over here and taking a look at everything we’ve got up so far! There may also be a preview for Thursday’s episode up tomorrow morning.

Did you want to see Gonzalo Ingram win MasterChef Junior season 5? Share your thoughts with a comment! (Photo: Fox.)

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