Chicago PD season 4 spoilers: A powerful Burgess story ahead

Chicago PD season 4 spoilersWe recently gave you some Chicago PD season 4 spoilers that made it clear that on an upcoming episode of the NBC series, we were going to meet the character of Burgess’ sister Nicole for the first time on the series. Jules Wilcox will be playing the part, and when you first see her, it will be through the lens of the relationship between Burgess and Ruzek.

However, on the episode following her first appearance on April 5, we’re going to see quite a turn — and this one looks to be painful and emotional. The title for this episode is “Last Minute Resistance,” and per NBC Burgess is going to wake up to realize that Nicole didn’t make it home after spending a night out with some of her friends. She tries to figure out what happened, and the more that Intelligence gets on the case, the more it’s going to be clear that something may have happened to her. Eventually, when Nicole is found she is going to be holding on to dear life after having been a victim of sexual assault.

As a result of this terrible act, you would understand why Burgess would be feeling a wide range of different emotions. First and foremost, she’s going to feel guilt over encouraging her sister to go out in the first place. She clearly never imagined or thought that something like this could happen, but that’s not going to make matters any easier for her at all. Beyond that, you’re also going to see her drive and determined to find who did this to Nicole. We imagine that the emotional process that she goes through is not too different than what happened with Olinsky after the death of his daughter, or Voight after the death of his son. She’s fortunate in some way to be surrounded by people who have experienced such loss, since they can help to ensure that she knows how to handle it. Hopefully, she does not end up losing her own family member in the process.

After a brief hiatus, you are going to get a chance to see Chicago PD return to NBC with new episodes starting on Wednesday, March 22. As we get closer to that date, you can expect to get a further flurry of stories on the subject over at the link here.

As always, we do welcome your thoughts on this round of Chicago PD season 4 spoilers in the comments. (Photo: NBC.)

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