Scorpion season 3 episode 19 review: Why did it have to be spiders?

This Scorpion season 3 episode 19 review is brought to you by spiders. Specifically, it was brought to you by how much we hate spiders. Why did they have to be a part of this? We almost want to dock this a letter grade based solely on this … but alas.

Instead, what we had throughout Monday night’s “Monkey See, Monkey Poo” was a series of adventures out in the wild to assemble a cure, and to integrate monkeys as a way to stop a potentially-harmful virus. We’d say a whole lot more about this, but the show is falling into a formula that goes something like this:

-Team learns of major crisis.

-Team travels somewhere else to take on crisis.

-Member of team almost dies during crisis.

-Team solves crisis.

-Team goes back to the garage  and celebrates with each other — plus, there’s a relationship update here and there.

This mission was made slightly more entertaining thanks to the presence of the animals, and for that scene that featured Toby shaking his rear end in order to get a monkey’s attention.

Do Happy, Toby need some help?

Penn Jillette returned tonight as a therapist to help talk the two of them through some of their issues, especially when it comes to Toby recognizing that his fiancee is flawed. He needed to recognize that, and this is something that he started to do over the course of the hour. The two were tasked with pointing out things about each other that they didn’t link, and they were certainly at times ready and willing to do that. In the end, this was part of the point for them to realize that they had some serious issues, but that when the dust settled, they did still love and care about each other deeply.

Overall take

“Monkey See, Monkey Poo” was still fairly fun despite its formulaic nature, and a big part of the reason why was because of getting most of the team out in this sort of wild environment. Also, it was good for Toby to break down the walls and realize that happy is in actually a real person, and not someone to be perpetually idolized to the point of her own discomfort.

Also, how about that little Walter / Paige realization at the end? It feels like she’s more acutely aware now of what’s going on with him, and that is another baby step towards them maybe getting together down the line. At this point, we’re admittedly starting to get a little bit impatient on it. Haven’t we all be forced to wait long enough? Grade: B.

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