Once Upon a Time season 6 episode 12 review: Hook’s devastating cliffhanger

Once Upon a Time season 6 episode 16 review -Was Charming not-so-charming on Once Upon a Time Sunday night? We don’t know about that, but over the course of “Murder Most Foul,” we absolutely saw a different side to Josh Dallas’ character since we’ve seen since the first season of the show. He was vengeful, angry, and desperate. In particular, he wanted to figure out a way in order to properly ensure that we had a chance to see the resolution of a murder … his father’s.

If you recall, Charming’s dad learned some time ago that the character did not die under the circumstances that were previously believed to be the case. He lived a different life, and with that, he followed a different path. David was simply interested in getting a few more answers as to precisely what was going on here.

While Hook and Charming saw a little bit of their journey play out, we saw David’s father venture to one of the strangest places in the universe. He was trying to find James and save him by venturing to a demented carnival in a separate timeline. He got some advice from Pinocchio, which led to August being an asset to the unlikely duo in the present. We were witnessing a story all about the redemption of David’s father, and the more Charming learned about what really happened to him, the more desperate that he was to go and destroy the party responsible … i.e. the King. George was already locked in jail, and David had to determine who he wanted to be. Ironically, we saw Hook advise him against going for revenge, and it was eventually him who stopped him.

We want to say that this was the best Josh Dallas performance of the season, and maybe in separate seasons. Take away the magic and the fairy-tales, and what this really happened to be tonight was a story of one man and how desperate he was to get some sort of peace and understanding after learning news about a tragedy. He found no peace in the end.

The saga of Regina and Robin of Loxley

They kissed, but something was clearly amiss with it. Regina realized not long after bringing this Robin to Storybrooke just how different he was from her Robin, mostly because he kept trying to kill people in the streets. Snow warned her that this could happen, and it came true by the end of the hour. Regina came to the realization on her own that this wasn’t her Robin, and this led us to one of the big cliffhangers at the end of the hour, where it became rather clear that Robin does have a specific plan.

Hook’s devastating cliffhanger

“Murder Most Foul” was a most-entertaining episode that brought us a lot of good stuff for Hook and Charming in particular — especially the knowledge that Hook is going to eventually propose! When that will be, and what comes as a result of it, are some of the mysteries that the show still needs to unlock from here. At least we know that Hook got Charming’s blessing in the end.

Oh, but here’s the big problem: It turned out that Hook was actually responsible for killing Charming’s father! King George’s hired men didn’t actually do the job; it was him instead. A devastating cliffhanger, even if it was proof that he’d changed. Grade: B.

Previewing Once Upon a Time season 6 episode 13

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