Blue Bloods season 7 episode 17 review: Garrett Moore’s dangerous spotlight

Blue Bloods season 7

Blue Bloods season 7 episode 17 was a story of many different things, whether it be trust, pain, hardship, or teamwork. It also was one where there was tension aplenty between many different members of the Reagan family.

Specifically, this was very much the tale of one Garrett Moore and everything that he did following a gifting scandal that at one point led to some calls for him to resign. This was a crisis that we ended up seeing Frank try to work through with Garrett, but it wasn’t easy and it exposed some of the issues that the two had in their relationship. Consider this a case where Frank thought he knew Garrett, but the reality was that he didn’t even know that he was having marital trouble.

Garrett did eventually take matters into his own hands when it comes to dealing with this situation, opting to issue a public statement on his mistakes while trying to be better. As a result of that, he remains a part of the series and the relationship between him and Frank may be repairable.

As for some of the other stories during the episode…

Jamie, Eddie’s case

Not exactly, but we did get a story that revolved around them getting some suspicious over a woman who seemed trapped with her EMT husband answering her distress calls. She didn’t have an escape, and they had to work together — and work with Danny — to figure this one out. There were a few twists and turns that complicated the story beyond the initial premise, but in the end, we’d classify this as a moderately-entertaining case that did not really further any character stories in a major way.

Danny did produce the line of the night in “you’re under arrest for being a complete idiot.” Classic, and he had a point given that he was arresting a woman who tried to flee the scene, not realizing that there would be a cop car nearby.

As for Erin…

This was one of her stronger cases of the season, largely because she was forced to look back at a decision that she made a decade before when she put a man away. However, she learned later that this said man may have been innocent. What unfolded from there were a series of grillings, eventually a decision, and then Erin being confronted on the street. This was a tense situation given that she decided to use the gun that she carries with him. Luckily, he just wanted to give her some journals rather than hurt her in any way for her past choices.


This was another solid Blue Bloods that checked many boxes. Yet, it’s also not one that did much to make it stand out beyond the norm. This is the problem with this show sometimes. They are always good in the momentum, but a week or two down the road, it’s tough to recall just what happened. Grade: B.

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