The Originals season 4: Should Klaroline (Klaus / Caroline) reunite?

Klaroline -Mrs. Carter: Is there a chance for a Klaroline reunion on The Originals season 4?

On Friday night’s series finale for The Vampire Diaries, we saw a huge sacrifice on the part of Stefan as he gave his life to save others. Eventually, his actions allowed Damon and Elena to live a happy life, and he inspired his brother to be a hero in a way that he never had before. After Stefan was willing to give his life in order for his brother and others to live, this changed his outlook on life.

What we want to talk about here now is the Klaroline moment that really caught us off-guard. While Joseph Morgan was not available for the series finale, we did see him turn up via a letter to Caroline, one that included the money necessary in order to further ensure that Stefan got his dying wish. It was a nice gesture on his part, and a reference to a popular pairing out there.

Given what happened to Stefan, Caroline does need some time to grieve. Yet, you still do have to wonder whether or not this moment could lead to some others down the line. The Originals season 4 operates in part in a very specific timeline, and as a result of that, it may be hard to see Caroline appear over there this season — but what if there is a time jump at some point along the way? That feels like it’s possible, just as it’s possible that Candice King pops over in season 5. We want to see her honor Stefan and not rush into a new relationship, but we do wonder if at some point in her life, we could see the two pick up where they once left off. Their relationship definitely has some highs and lows, but they have a chemistry that is hard to deny.

Also, Klaus clearly cares enough about Caroline to give her a rather substantial amount of money in order for her to do what she wanted to for Stefan. We’ll see what happens, and we’ll also see if The Originals ends up getting renewed based on the ratings that it gets starting with the premiere next week.

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What do you think: Should there be a Klaroline reunion on The Originals season 4, or at some point in the future? Share in the comments below! (Photo: The CW.)

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