Grey’s Anatomy season 13 episode 15 review: Are Meredith and Riggs together?

Are Meredith and Riggs together -The title for Grey’s Anatomy season 13, episode 15 was “Civil War,” and after watching it on Thursday night, there is one thing that we can say about this with certainty: It makes sense. The hospital was falling apart, and we’re talking about on all front. We’re not even talking about Eliza Minnick anymore.

That seems like a good place to start, though, mostly because she was the catalyst that really got the ball rolling in so many instances. Her presence in the hospital led to a series of epic fights, especially within the Avery family. Jackson tried to use the Avery Foundation appointment in order to further ensure that he could enforce what he wanted at the hospital. Meanwhile, Richard’s relationship with Catherine was getting destroyed, largely because of the fact she brought in Minnick in the first place and they couldn’t get on the same place.

The Avery story ended with April and Jackson sharing an extremely awkward moment after he struggled with what his mother told him — he didn’t know what he wanted, and didn’t care about himself. We wonder if this was a signal that he still cared about April, but was still struggling to figure out how to admit and vocalize some of these feelings.

As for some other storylines that took place across Grey’s Anatomy season 13, episode 15…

Are Meredith and Riggs together?

We had many debates related to Meredith throughout the episode. Was she getting involved with an Alex – Riggs feud because she cared about Alex, or because she really had a hard stance one way or another? The answer seemed to be mostly that it had to do with her job. We do wonder at times if Alex does play a role in keeping Meredith from admitting towards any feelings that she has for Nathan, but that’s a little unfair to say that Meredith is that easily influenced. We think that her tentative headspace is due mostly to her not knowing exactly what it is that she wants.

The two aren’t together yet, but Riggs issued a challenge to her to commit. that hasn’t happened yet, but a cliffhanger suggests that she’ll be thinking about it when the show returns.

Owen and Amelia’s challenge

Tonight we saw Amelia for the first time in scrubs since she ran off — otherwise known as when Caterina Scorsone left on maternity leave. She still doesn’t know if things between her and Owen will work, and she recognizes that the two need to have a talk (or “a fight,” to use her word) about it. That may happen soon, and we figure that it will now that she is back spending time at the Grey Sloan again … even if she said that she came in tonight as a favor.

Arizona, Minnick get closer

The two shared a good period of time together, even if it was just falling asleep at the hospital. That was a big moment for the couple, but there was another one, as well: Richard walking in on them right when they were clearly about to kiss. We do want to root for the two of them, but it remains clear that there are going to be a wide array of problems coming up moving forward.

Overall Take

“Civil War” wasn’t necessarily an earth-shattering Grey’s Anatomy episode, but there were some big moments for Meredith and Riggs and also Amelia and Owen. Also, we set a foundation for something great with Jackson down the road. Grade: B.

Grey’s Anatomy season 13 episode 16 promo

For some more news about that, be sure to visit the link here! Let’s just say that this one is going to be a key installment for the relationship between April and Jackson.

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