TV Madness 2017: Hawaii Five-0 and The Flash ready to engage

Hawaii Five-0 and The Flash -The second entry in our TV Madness 2017 tournament today is all about different types of heroes. In one case, you’ve got a hero who runs around Central City sporting a costume. Meanwhile, at the same time you’ve got another show in Hawaii Five-0 where the heroes don’t wear costumes and don’t have superpowers. Yet, they’re able to solve crime all the same while sharing a few laughs in the process.

One of the great things that both of these shows have in common is that they both represent escapism at its finest in so many ways. If you’re having a rough day, you can rely on them to help calm you down, and make almost everything better in the process. It’s a shame that there is only going to be one of them who advances to the next round. (For the record, voting here will be open between now and March 18 — vote however often you like at the bottom of the article!)

Hawaii Five-0 (#2 seed) – The show’s almost immediately appealing from the jump thanks to the sole fact that it’s set in a place that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. There’s also something great about a good old-fashion whodunit that gets you gripped to your chair week in and week out. A further part of what makes this story appealing, at least in our mind, is timing — we live in stressful times. There is something about this show that helps people to forget all of their problems … even if it is weird to say that about a show where there are dead bodies almost every week. We in America have a weird relationship with crime shows that way!

The Flash (#6 seed) – Here, we’ve got a superhero show that accomplishes something very rare in a genre that tries to make things dark and edgy — it actually feels a lot like one of the comics! The pain point of emphasis here is on the characters and the adventures that they are going through. Even though Barry Allen may not always be smiling ear to ear, he’s got an ambitious that’s infectious and the show has a tone that typically leaves you feeling pretty good by the end of each episode.

The winner of this battle is going to face whoever wins between Longmire and Chicago Med, which is our other big showdown for the day.

Who do you want to see on top? You can also share in the attached comments.

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