TV Madness 2017: Longmire and Chicago Med set for showdown

Longmire and Chicago Med -In terms of geography, the two shows that we are discussing in this latest edition of our TV Madness 2017 tournament couldn’t more different. With Longmire, you’ve got a small-town show that is about a Sheriff’s Department trying to help people in rather remote places, dealing at times with very outdated rules and procedures. Meanwhile, Chicago Med has the benefit for the most part of modern technology, but struggles with being a medical central right in the middle of a densely-populated and extremely violent city. We like to make NCAA Tournament analogies in this series, and as a result of that we like to consider Longmire the strong university that’s effective despite being in a very different part of the world. Meanwhile, Chicago Med is the familiar college team that is good, but never gets the respect it deserves.

We’re going to spotlight the two contenders further, but remember all the while that you’ll be voting for your favorite show to advance at the end of the article!

Longmire (#3 seed) – Much of the placement for the Netflix police drama stems from precisely how devoted the majority of its fans are. They’ll prove to you time and time again that they adore the show; not only that, but they will do anything in their power to support it. While it may be a relatively small show in terms of public attention, it’s old-school and it has that sneaky ability to surprise you.

Chicago Med (#6 seed) – As a newcomer to the tournament this year, it’s a little bit unclear precisely what we’re going to end up seeing with this show in terms of voting. What we know that it brings to the table here is massive support from the whole One Chicago family, and a great deal of wonderful content in terms of memorable characters, interesting diagnoses, and timely storytelling that feels familiar to what is actually going on at the minute both in the medical community and beyond. There’s a good bit to want to vote for here!

Voting for these two shows is going to remain open until you get around to March 18; from there, the winner is going to face off against whoever emerges from the Hawaii Five-0 and The Flash battle that is also taking place today.

Of course, if you are so inclined, you can also tell us why you are voting for the show that you are, in between Longmire and Chicago Med, in the comments.

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