TV Madness 2017: The Blacklist and Grey’s Anatomy set for round one showdown

The Blacklist logo any seasonComing up with the bracket for the TV Madness tournament is often a difficult process, given that you want to get seeding right and make sure one show isn’t going to have some sort of unfair disadvantage based on who they are up against.

With all of this said, the showdown between The Blacklist and Grey’s Anatomy is one of the ones that we had the hardest time of all placing, mostly because of the fact that these are two shows that we could easily see going very far. Therefore, there would’ve been a pretty good justification for the two of them going in different parts of the bracket. Yet, aren’t the showdowns between #4 and #5 seeds supposed to be close? We like to think so, and these two shows could produce just that. We’re excited to see how this one shakes down between now and when the poll ends on March 17.

The Blacklist (#4 seed) – What makes this show so exciting is that you never quite know what it’s going to be on a weekly basis. There are some major twists and turns that you’re going to be seeing throughout the course of every season, and with Liz and Red as the show’s two leads, you know very well that there’s going to be some great intrigue and drama. It’s performed well across many different polls and votes at the site before, so we more than expect the same thing to happen here.

Grey’s Anatomy (#5 seed) – Meanwhile, you’ve got another show here that really shines because its fans are so loyal. It’s just about unheard of that you get a show on the air for thirteen years, let alone the 14th one that is coming up in the fall. We do see it doing well, mostly because of the fact that you’ve got several different fanbases within fanbases. The only question here is whether The Blacklist could get off to an early lead and never look back.

Whoever does win this showdown will square off against the winner of the showdown between The Walking Dead and Call the Midwife, a showdown that should prove interesting given that one of them is such an underdog.

Now, we start to turn this over to you! You can vote below as often as you like, so be prepared for the next week and a half! Remember that this article series is really all about fun, and celebrating the shows that we’ve come to love.

Photo: NBC

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