Big Brother Canada 5: Bruno Ielo pre-game interview (exclusive)

Bruno Ielo pre-game interview -In terms of the story of the season, Big Brother Canada season 3 remains arguably the most controversial. It was riddled with twists throughout, and we’ve said on numerous occasions that we feel like the Have-Not Room Twist that eventually sent Bruno Ielo out of the game is the most unfair twist in the history of the game. (Yes, even more so than Mitch last year.) When you think about the timing of the twist, the public’s role in it, and the amount of power that it had, it altered the course of the ending more than Jessie getting booted in Big Brother 11 in America, or Eric Stein having to vote America’s way back in Big Brother 8. Bruno was one of the best players that season; maybe he wouldn’t have won, but it would have been interesting to see what would have happened if he had a chance.

Now, he gets another shot! In this Bruno Ielo pre-game interview, we go through his return to the game, what he’s learned about himself, and his strategy for trying to win Big Brother Canada 5.

CarterMatt – What made you want to come back and do this again?

Bruno Ielo – You know what? That’s a very good question. I was lucky enough to be able to play once. The fact that they called me back to play a second time. I was so lucky. I mean, how could I say no? Also, it’s a great opportunity to win some money for my family.

What was the biggest thing you learned about yourself from the first time you played?

That’s a good question! I learned that I have a little more patience than I thought I had. I never had roommates before in my life, I moved out of the house early when I was young and I went and bought my own place. I went and lived with strangers, which I had never done before. I had to learn a lot and adjust quick. Every person in the house taught me something.

How are you going to change your strategy from the first time?

It’s tough to say. I don’t know if it’s mostly new players, all returning players, or some returning players. I have no idea. Every season is different and every player is different. I went into my season with the players that I had, and I had to adapt. I had to make a strategy that worked for them.

Here, I have to do the same thing. I have to go in, see who’s there, and adapt. I have to get to know them one-on-one, and adapt to their strengths and weaknesses. Even though it’s kind of a similar strategy, it’s also very different since it depends on the people.

Even though people saw your game the first time, do you think you’ll still be able to surprise people in any way?

Absolutely! I still think I’m full of surprises. I didn’t play a large part of my game last time because I sat in a role I was comfortable with. It didn’t force me to do too much. There were moments where I had my back against the wall, but like sitting and being nominated for a week — I didn’t have to deal with that. So there are different elements!

What do you think your biggest weakness could be this time?

People recognize my game, and they see me as a threat right off the bat. Last time I could play as the old guy, ‘don’t worry about me.’ This time around, I don’t think I’ll be able to do it. They’ll be onto me quick. I don’t know if it’s returning or new players, but they may just turn around and say ‘let’s get this guy out right away’ and I’ll have to play for my life.

Is there anything that you’re nervous about entering the house?

Twists! I hate twists (laughs).

Other than winning the money, what’s the one thing you’re hoping to get out of your second experience?

I play to win. I’m a competitor in life and I don’t like to lose. I want the crown. That’s what we’re all here for. If they tell you different, they’re lying — we all want to win the show. Nobody’s coming here for second or seventh place. That’s not good enough for me.

Our snap judgment

Bruno’s extremely dangerous in this game. He’s got life experience and maturity, but also understands and is able to play the game. In some ways how he was evicted last time is a blessing to him here, since it may make him less of a threat than some other people — read our Neda Kalantar pre-game interview, for example. He’s got a very good shot at winning this.

Let us know what you think about this Bruno Ielo pre-game interview, and his chances of winning Big Brother Canada 5, in the comments! (Photo: Global.)

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