Big Brother Canada 5: Neda Kalantar pre-game interview (exclusive)

Neda Kalantar pre-game interview -Looking back at Big Brother Canada season 2, Neda Kalantar may be one of the greatest strategic players to never win this show — and we’re talking both the US and Canada edition. She was incredibly smart, she knew when to lay low when she needed to, and also when to strike. She also had a great #1 ally who could win on his own in Jon Pardy, and she was able to use him at times as a shield. You can argue that her biggest mistake was simply not getting rid of him earlier, or that it was just not winning the final Head of Household. Or, maybe it was having someone in Sabrina at the end of the game who was insanely beatable in the final two. She was evicted by Jon, and finished in third place.

Regardless of what happened last time to cause her to have victory slip through her fingers, she’s back! In this Neda Kalantar pre-game interview, we speak with her about her decision to come back, what she’s learned, and also if she’s still got some surprises up her sleeve.

CarterMatt – What made you want to come back and do this again?

Neda Kalantar – What! (Laughs.) Who wouldn’t want to play Big Brother, really! Why would anyone say no?

What was the biggest thing you learned about yourself from the first time you played?

Honestly, I thought I was going to go in and play extremely unemotional the entire time. I actually ended up being a little emotional at the end. So I was a non-complete robot? (Laughs.)

How are you going to change your strategy from the first time?

I went in with a really set strategy the first time. I wanted to lay low in the first half, and in the second half win competitions and kick it into gear. Obviously there’s a huge target on my back this time. I can’t do the same thing. I’m going to have to play with the house … It’s going to be a much more fluid game this time.

Even though people saw your game the first time, do you think you’ll still be able to surprise people in any way?

Oh yeah! I’ve got a lot of things planned — you’re going to have to watch and see, but I’ve got a couple of notebooks full of stuff I’m planning.

What do you think your biggest weakness could be this time?

Not being able to win physical challenges. If somebody can win physical challenges and I can’t [play into] their mind, that’s something that I’m really leery of.

Is there anything that you’re nervous about entering the house?

I’m nervous about EVERYTHING! I’m nervous about being the first out, the second out, the third out. I just want to win.

Other than winning the money, what’s the one thing you’re hoping to get out of your second experience?

No, I wanna win the money. Seriously. That all I want (laughs).

Our snap judgment

Neda’s an amazing player, and we had some great, super-memorable interviews with her after season 2. We want her to win because she’s such a big fan of Big Brother Canada and we know how much she loves the game. Unfortunately, this is going to be a tough battle for her this time. Everyone knows that she is a great player, and she rightfully assesses that she can’t lay low this time. If she can make it to the end and win, we’d be willing to say that she may be a top five Canada / US player without a doubt.

Let us know what you think about this Neda Kalantar pre-game interview, and her chances of winning Big Brother Canada 5, in the comments! (Photo: Global.)

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